The Rowe Group was established in 1997 to help companies who have great services or products get recognition for these, leading to rapid growth and expansion as well as establishing a competitive edge... mostly by projecting the optimal image of who they really are. We do this via strategic business development, including developing business plans, identifying target markets and customers, and identifying and creating affiliations with strong partners; strong public and media relations; and quality writing to convey your messages.

Our motto: reality is interesting, but it's perception that counts.


Strategic Business Development

We'll help you build your business to achieve your long- and short-term objectives. We'll help you target the most appropriate customers and partners, and develop the most effective strategies for bringing them on board.

Public Relations

Our motto pretty much says it all: Reality is interesting but it's perception that counts. You can be the very best in your field, but if you're not perceived that way, it doesn't matter if you're 1 or 100. We bring extensive public relations and image management experience to bear to help ensure that you ARE perceived as you really are.

Writing and Editorial Services

Well-written documents are key to your success and we are experts with the written word, and with speechwriting for any occasion.

Business Plans

Your business plan is a tedious but exceedingly important document, helping you focus your business and giving investors and clients a clear picture of your goals and abilities. We have collaborated on many plans over the years for companies small and large, and can help ensure your success.

Crisis Management and Communication

Sooner or later, every business faces a crisis, perhaps minor, perhaps major. We help prepare you well in advance so you can navigate through any crisis smoothly and effectively. Our experience is unparalleled. Ask for details.

The Rowe Group

Anthony J. Castagno started The Rowe Group in 1997, focusing on high-tech start-ups, helping them position themselves optimally, target their markets effectively, and grow rapidly to success. He has more than 25 years experience in business development, public relations, marketing, and writing. For 17 years, he headed the public relations group for one of the country's largest nuclear power operations, supervising 30 people throughout New England and managing multimillion dollar budgets. Two high-tech start-ups he worked with in the late 1990s became billion-dollar companies and leaders in their respective fields of Internet streaming video (US/Canada-based) and cellphone position-location technology (UK/Sweden-based).

Castagno also is a Commissioner with the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission.

He also teaches Communication Science at the University of Connecticut, and has Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Trinity College in Connecticut. He has been published in more than 50 reference books and other publications. In 2010, he received UConn's Avery Point Adjunct Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching.

From 2008 to 2012, he was a partner in Treocht Holdings LLC, a company headquartered in Connecticut with a subsidiary in Ireland. Treocht used a cloud-based system to extract hidden knowledge from print, video and audio, then used next-generation sentiment analysis and self-learning systems to deliver rapid analyses to subscribers. Treocht received a grant as part of an Innovation Partnership with Trinity College (Dublin) and the government of Ireland to further develop and commercialize the technology.

The Rowe Group has several associates who are available for specific projects requiring their expertise. These include an engineer, CPA, attorney, education PhD, web publisher/managers, corporate communications specialists, graphic designers, and writers.